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Africans Universe is a bold social entrepreneurship project to build a unique online platform to serve the African Community in the U.S. The African Community in the U.S. has a unique history, culture, perspective, and enormous potentials which are grossly ignored by the main media. The goal of the Africans Universe is to bring attention to the African Community by supporting and promoting the activities and efforts in the community. We hope to achieve our goals through these sub-projects; Directory of African Organizations and Businesses, African Event Calendar, and the "Change for Africa" fundraising program.

Directory of African Organizations and Business
We want to make it easy to find information about active African organizations and businesses in the U.S. by systematically compiling information on the various Home Country Associations, African Student Groups, Religious Groups, Businesses. We constantly update information in this directory so that you have the most up to date information. Through profiling and featured articles, we continually shed light on distinguished organizations, individuals, and activities in the African Community. To submit your organization or business, simply fill out this information form. We will notify you when your submission is added to the directory.

African Event Calendar
The culture, food, music, and performance in African Community are now within your reach. The African Event calendar is a compilation of upcoming events and celebrations in the African Community in U.S. We work with various African event organizers to promote their events across social and traditional media. Join our weekly email newsletter to stay on top of events in the African community. Submit your upcoming event to us for free promotion.

Change for Africa
Change for Africa program is an online fundraising program for African organizations and groups based in the United States. Working with more than 2000 online merchants, up to10% of every online purchase made by your group members and supporters will be donated toward your African cause, projects or events. In the next 5 years, we seek to work 50 African Organization to raise $50,000 for each one through this program. It is all about harnessing the $50 billion African purchasing power towards the African cause. Individuals can also donate their online purchases to any of the participating African organizations.

Contact Information
Send your inquiry, feedback or question through the following channels.

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